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Meet the Malarkeys

The Malarkeys are a Celtic rock band from Kelowna, B.C. This dynamic group specializes in traditional and contemporary Celtic music, done with an original flair. They can be seen and heard playing around the sunny Okanagan in pubs and at special events.

All the band members have years of experience performing, writing, and arranging music. Their combined backgrounds have travelled through delta blues to Scottish ballads, with a detour or two through British pop and Canadian rock.

Karl Hourigan plays electric and acoustic guitar and penny whistle, and sings lead and harmony vocals. Karl was born in Ireland, so he's the real deal, although his years of living in BC means his accent is straight up Canadian westcoast, eh? Gail Hourigan plays bass, and sings; she can’t wait for their next show. Lisa Grekul (Dr. G!) was with the band from the beginning, playing keyboards and singing, adding her great talent to the whole affair. She's on mat leave, now that she's a new Mom! New drummer Jay Dallamore replaced original skin beater Ryan Campbell late in 2008. Then along came fiddler Eddie Plotnikoff. They band has performed in almost every possible combination of two, three, or four performers, and has had the pleasure of including guest performers such as Shamma and Roxanna Sabir into the mix!


Jay Dallamore, Malarkeys drummer

As well as years of experience performing in Alberta and British Columbia, the band writes original music that they like to describe as "Celtic mash-ups" or "pop goes the Celtic"!

Visit Lisa's, Karl's and Gail's pages for details....and the Malarkeys invite you to send us an email to get on our mailing list.



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